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Bachelor qualification award

1. The base of awarding student with bachelor degree is his/her mastering convenient competence through the accumulation of 240 ECTS, that is confirmed by the positive assessment of student’s all obligatory and optional components;
2. Awarding bachelor degree is carried out by the qualification commission of the faculty;
3. Qualification commission of the faculty examines private case of the student, takes qualification exam or bachelor work defend and makes decision about awarding or refusing awarding bachelor degree, that is formed by the report of faculty commission;

                                                          Types of diploma and its issuance conditions
1. Based on the qualification commission report, the academy prepares and delivers bachelor degree diploma, its sample is made in compliance with conditions and procedures mandated by the law in force.
2. Diploma will be issued with its enclosure.
3. There are two types of diploma
a) Diploma with honours
b) Ordinary diploma
4. The diploma with honours will be issued on a person, if cumulated GPA according the all component of the bachelor program is 4.