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Business Academy Of Georgia- SBA offers a wide range of services to help you succeed.
Professional-Orientation service– Here exists Professional-Orientation service, which helps
interested parties get information about various professions, educational programs, human
resources, and material and technical base

  • Student Career Service – The Academy’s Student Career Service constantly takes care
    of student employment. The training programs have been created with the direct
    participation of employers. Most specialty teachers are also representatives of future
    employers’ organizations. Memorandums and contracts have been signed with them,
    which ensures conducting full professional practice. All of this creates the basis for the
    successful employment of each student. Our relationship with students does not end
    with the completion of an educational program or the issuance of a diploma, Student
    Career Service consults them and takes care of their employment. All graduates of the
    academy are registered in the relevant database and we monitor their professional
    development. Student Career Service arranges job forums at the Academy, successful
    students are given special recommendations. Thus, the graduates are supported to
    employ in partner organizations.
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  •  Internship Program– The academy offers its students an internship program, according
    to which they can improve work skills in the staff units at the academy.
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  • Consulting services – Here exists Consulting services, existing students are consulted
    and assisted with planning the learning process and improving academic achievement.
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  • Health and Safety Service – There is a special space for health and safety services at the
    academy. Students are served by a certified doctor and a qualified nurse, who are always
    ready to provide first aid. To do this, there are all the conditions of compliance with
    sanitary-hygienic norms. The Health and Safety Service is obliged to provide a safe
    learning environment and students’ health safety. If necessary, gives a recommendation
    to a person for admission on the enterprise practice object. If necessary, the Health and
    Safety Service assists people with disabilities / special needs. The Health and Safety
    Service is equipped with surveillance cameras and protects the institution building in
    twenty-four-hour mode. It serves to create a safe learning environment.
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  •  Social responsibility – The academy cares for socially vulnerable students and in case of
    teaching at any program in the academy, it offers a 20% discount on tuition fees.
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  •  Financial benefit– Entrants, who participated in the events organized by the Academy
    and gained a study grant, in case of teaching at any program in the academy, they use
    20%, 30%, 50% discounts.
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  • Service for people with disabilities – SBA creates conditions for students with special
    educational needs and disabilities, to get them an education and it supports their full
    integration into society.

 A physically disabled person can get to all auditoriums and cabinets without obstacles.
There are portable ramps for them and all kinds of services are available. . If necessary, the
Health and Safety Service helps them.
 Learning materials are available for hearing impaired students in both print and electronic form. The examination process is carried out in a convenient way for them. The academy has staff who help them communicate. Depending on the needs of the target group,
there exists a Saturday School, where a web design certification program is implemented.
 Special attention is paid to the education of blind people. A memorandum of
cooperation has been signed with the Georgian Union of the Blind, which provides recording
learning and artistic materials in a studio with special equipment.
 There is a special computer program, which makes it available to get recorded
information from the audio devices.
 Depending on the needs of the target group, the academy has staff.
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  • Service center – provides student services, give information and consultation about
    registration, enrollment, learning process organization, practices, exam sessions, and
    other important issues. Give references, necessary documentation for student status and
    academic achievement, etc.
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  • Library – The academy has a library, whose bookcase contains all the learning literature
    according to the syllabus/modules, it’s available in printed or electronic form.
    Individual working tables and computers are located in the reading room. You can scan
    materials, copy and print copies in the library. A qualified librarian is always ready to
    help readers. The library is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Logistics
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  • Wireless Internet / Wifi – You can use wireless internet throughout the academy.


  • Cafeteria – The cafeteria of the academy is arranged with modern infrastructure. The cafeteria
    is focused on creating a comfortable, cozy leisure environment for the student and ensuring a
    healthy food supply.
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  • Events – In addition to providing quality education, the academy cares about student life and
    offers students a variety of projects, intellectual, entertainment, sports, and other activities
    during the learning period.
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  • Transportation Services – According to the needs of students the academy offers transportation
    service. The academy has a minibus type vehicle, which ensures the safe movement of students.
    This service is free for the students of the academy.
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  • Parking – The academy owns a parking lot that is accessible to students during working hours.               Contact us: Tel 032 240 34 40 (106);